boomerang YERRAWA

Yerrawa: The name & Logo

Looking for a suitable name for a new venture is always fun, but also a challenge. In retrospect I am quite happy with the names we selected in the past: BIOeCON, KiOR, ANTECY and CELLiCON.

I was struggling to find a proper name which would convey our sincere goal to develop circular technology.  I am a bit wary about how “Circularity” might become another buzz word without any true meaning and therefore I started searching for an original authentic source. 


I rediscovered the Aboriginals with their great respect for the circularity of life and decided to look for an aboriginal word that could symbolize our quest for circularity.

Australian aboriginal words book

Initially I found the word “Gaxabara” which means dance. Well dancing is often circular, isn’t it? But no one else really liked the name and so I continued my search until I hit upon “Yerrawa”.

Yerrawa is the aboriginal word for boomerang. I knew immediately that I had hit gold! My pronunciation of the r’s is not so good, but that does not matter; what could be a better word to symbolize circularity than boomerang? The aboriginals indeed have a great respect for nature and the circularity of life and already 40.000 years ago they developed a technology we now call the “Boomerang” which is a beautiful metaphor for circularity. 

In our logo you will find back a few original aboriginal symbols like the rays of sun (= human track) and the waves (= water/smoke/fire). The circle of dots ar remind us of the beautiful and famous aboriginal dot art. The word Yerrawa is written with the ‘Backslash’ font.